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Company founder, Mark, has over a decade of experience in the automotive industry. Alongside this, having owned and remodelled several modified cars, as well as currently rebuilding his own Mitsubishi Evo, Mark’s understanding of the need for reliable, trustworthy and secure transportation runs deep. 


"I understand a customer’s passion for their vehicle, from personal experience I know how they would like their vehicle to be looked after when left in the hands of someone else. I have this shared passion with my customers and recognise that they need someone who has the required knowledge and a high level of care."


DALLY DRIVE has invested in the most up-to-date equipment to be able to both accommodate various types of vehicle in the safest possible way, and have the particular requirements for modified and specialist vehicles. 


Our open trailer has a 2700kg payload, a 5.5x2.3 metre bed and 6,000kg winch. Our enclosed trailer has a 2100kg payload, a 6x2.4 metre bed and a winch; both trailers also have a specialist tilt and low entry ramps for lower suspension setups. We’re Institute of Vehicle Recovery certified and insured up to £250,000. Scroll down to find out more.



We'll take your vehicle wherever it needs to go, whether you need to move a vehicle that's not roadworthy, are buying a new car, selling an old car, meeting up with your caravan, moving construction or agricultural equipment, or simply needing to get a vehicle from A to B, we're on hand to help. We cover all of the UK as well as many destinations in Europe. 


Breakdown & Recovery

Breaking down is a frustrating incident, the very nature of it means you're always on your way somewhere when it happens! Whether you need to get home or to a garage for repairs, we'll get you where you need to be as soon as possible. 


Bespoke Jobs

If you're after something a little more complex in terms of logistics or have a vehicle requirement you think we might be able to help with, get in touch to discuss and we'll do what we can to help.

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